Lord of The Flies Thesis Statement


The novel “Lord of the Flies” written by William Golding tells about a group of boys, who survived after a plane crash on remote tropical island without any adults and how they are trying to survive. The novel deals with the conflict between the rational mind and primal instinct.

The first theme to discuss and to put into a thesis statement is the role of adults. It is not until the end of the novel that the adult appears and rescues them. Till that moment the boys are left alone and try to create their own adult world.  You may discuss why was their attempt predestined to fail. Without having an actual adult example nearby to follow, the boys were simply not skilled and developed enough, including cognitive and emotional aspects.

Another option is to discuss the society-building without any adults in a novel. We may assume that boys were trying to build an utopia with it’s own rules and activities, which could later represent the social roles division. The building process was exciting for children on each and every step, however, each time everything was falling apart. You may analyze how this process was developing and whether there were any specific moments when boys could have saved themselves from failure.

Talking about social roles you may focus on leadership and power. In every society, even a small group, social roles will always be divided and the leer will be chosen. In “Lord of the Flies” Ralph is said to be an official leader since he is the one, who inspires and guides the rest of the boy. However, Jack is willing to be a leader as well since he is the one to get the food. The two boys see each other as a threat to each other, this is why you may discuss the dynamics of leadership and power in this novel.

By eating unstable society boys became dramatically violent to each other personally and collectively. One more point to analyze is how sweet, nice children became so violent in such a rapid manner. You may compare their relationship in extreme conditions with animal world and primal society. Provide quotes with evidence of such behavior. Here it also possible to incorporate psychological theories where appropriate, for example the Zimbardo experiment. Think how could this story end unless the adult has shown up.

If you are willing to be more creative, think how would this story develop after the boys were rescued and what impact would this experience have on their future life as individual and as a part of a normal society. Think if they would meet each other again or keepin touch in any other way. You may also talk about the reasons why W. Goulding has left this novel at some point,inconclusive and what can the readers understand from such ending.

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